Spirulina for allergies

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Based on my experience latex allergy kids published literature I believe that all type 2 and most type 1 diabetics can be healthier by using an appropriate diet rather than insulin or other drugs. The recommended starting point for both types is a one to two week changeover period and restricted basic diet.

This is followed by testing of individual foods for allergy and blood sugar reactions in order to establish an individualized maintenance diet. I am convinced that these instructions are safe but cannot take legal responsibility for any undesirable outcomes. Preferably use these protocols under the guidance or supervision of a health professional experienced in nutritional therapies with an understanding of diabetes treatment.

For insulin-dependent diabetics it can be more difficult and even dangerous to improve the diet gradually as this poses a constant threat of insulin overdose with resulting shock.

While it is possible to change the diet gradually, in my opinion a sudden changeover is an easier and safer option, especially for someone on high doses of insulin.

If you are spirulina for allergies, take a one or two week holiday. Alternatively, if you have to keep working, use the changeover diet on several consecutive weekends and continue with an improved but stable diet during the week.

The main purpose of the changeover diet is to start cleansing the body and especially the arteries and capillaries, spirulina for allergies, discover and eliminate any food allergies and chemical sensitivities, and use it as a stable base from which to develop a suitable maintenance diet that requires the least amount of insulin or other drugs. On the changeover day leave off all insulin and any other glucose lowering drugs but closely monitor your blood sugar level.

If the sugar level remains reasonably low or steady, you may reduce the amount of testing. On the changeover diet there are usually no strong fluctuations in the blood sugar level. Do not normally use short-acting insulin during this time as this may cause insulin shock. If you are on high doses of insulin or are concerned for other reasons, or just want to see how your blood sugar reacts, spirulina for allergies, I suggest that you make a cleansing trial for 4 to 6 hours to see how it goes.

Then drink a large glass of water free of chlorine and fluoride with the addition of fresh lemon juice at the ratio of 1: Also add up to half a teaspoon of spirulina powder or 1 to 2 g of crushed tablets. Drink this slowly and then test your blood sugar again 45 minutes later, spirulina for allergies.

An hour after the first lot, take another large glass of lemon juice and spirulina, and 45 minutes later check again the blood sugar. Again, use insulin only if you feel it is allergies and muscle ache spirulina for allergies high.

Continue drinking hourly glasses of diluted lemon juice with spirulina for several more hours until you spirulina for allergies an understanding of how your blood sugar level behaves. Children may sweeten the drink with half a teaspoon of xylitol. Adults may experiment to see what effect xylitol has on their blood sugar regulation. Do not use any synthetic sweetener.

Stevia is acceptable but xylitol is preferred. You may also test how you react to eating a tart apple, and spirulina for allergies your sugar level remains elevated, also add up to half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a lemon juice-spirulina drink. If the lemon drinks taste too acid, partly neutralize the lemon juice so that it is only mildly acid.

A good way is by keeping the juice of a lemon in contact with a spoonful of dolomite powder for about on hour or two. When needed for a drink, pour off the required amount. From time to time add more lemon juice to the dolomite. With a longer cleanse use fresh dolomite powder each day. If occasionally you do not have lemon juice at hand, you may use a tablespoonful of organic cider vinegar in a glass of water.

With raised blood pressure also magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate, and potassium bicarbonate may be used as alkalizers. For children or with low blood pressure sodium bicarbonate may sometimes be used. Keep a detailed record of all the blood sugar results, spirulina for allergies, and how much insulin was used and when, and any problems that you may have encountered.

This may give you confidence to repeat it for a full spirulina for allergies or a weekend. Eat only apples for several days, as many as you like. Do not try to fast, eat at least 6 apples a day. Use mainly tart varieties, spirulina for allergies, such as Granny Smith, and eat them spaced out during the day instead of in meal portions.

Try to obtain organic apples, otherwise scrub them in warm soap spirulina for allergies and rinse well. Preferably ingest the peels as well. In addition, every waking hour or 12 times during the day drink a glass of diluted lemon juice with spirulina and possibly xylitol as described for the Cleansing Trial. Each morning for the duration of the cleanse take a large glassful of water with about a tablespoon of Epsom salts, more or less as required to clean out the bowels, spirulina for allergies.

Add to this a clove of garlic crushed in some lemon juice; drink more water or herb tea immediately afterwards. Any water for drinking and cooking should be free of chlorine and added fluoride, use a water filter if necessary or buy suitable water. Normal water filters do not remove fluoride. For children or adults who cannot tolerate it, you do not need to use the Epsom salts, instead just use the garlic in lemon juice, possibly slightly sweetened.

About one hour later take with a glass of water with lemon juice either several teaspoons of milk-free acidophilus culture or several high-potency acidophilus capsules, preferably also containing bifido bacteria, possibly also other lactobacteria. Continue with the acidophilus therapy for much longer, taking high-potency cultures with liquid before breakfast and other meals or several times daily. If your blood sugar level is not normal after the first week, continue with this cleanse for a second week, and possibly even for a third week.

The Basic Diabetes 1 Diet, spirulina for allergies. Children, depending on age, may remain for one to several days on this changeover cleansing routine, while adults may continue for one to two or three weeks, or until the blood sugar stabilises at an improved level, spirulina for allergies.

Start with one meal a day of the foods allowed in the basic diet. A day or two later increase this to two meals. If your blood sugar level is now reasonably low and stable without insulin, then start with allergy-testing the individual foods of the maintenance diet. If you still require insulin, spirulina for allergies, remain for several weeks on the basic diet before you start allergy testing new foods, spirulina for allergies.

Green beans are especially good. For normalising or stabilising the blood sugar level meat and fish may be conventionally cooked. However, the higher the cooking temperature, the greater will be the long-term health damage, spirulina for allergies. Therefore, boil or steam but do not heat the food to above the boiling point. Nevertheless, much greater benefit in overall health will result from eating these foods predominantly raw.

Use additional digestive enzymes with all cooked foods, but especially with cooked flesh foods. Raw food and digestive enzymes are especially important for those who like to re-generate their insulin production, or for anyone with damage to their eyes, spirulina for allergies, kidneys or blood vessels. Raw meat or fish are quite safe if you take suitable precautions. Try to find a source of organic meat and fowl, or otherwise grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.

Avoid any meat from feedlots, or fish from fish farms. Minimise eating large predatory fish, such as shark or tuna, because of their high mercury content. In addition use parasite remedies as outlined below. Besides using raw minced meat, you may marinate diced meat or fish, spirulina for allergies, or blend fish or chicken with water.

Fresh fish often is sufficiently tender and tasty as it is. To marinate you immerse diced meat or fish in lemon juice or diluted cider vinegar and keep it refrigerated overnight. Use raw onion, lime or lemon juice, ginger or chilli or any other herbs or spices for flavouring meals. If trying out raw flesh foods start using small amounts and increase gradually.

Minimise the use of salt, and avoid it if you have a kidney problem, except if your blood pressure is rather low. Small amounts of magnesium chloride or potassium chloride are beneficial instead of salt. Egg yolk is best eaten raw and mixed with other food, while the white may be cooked; as a compromise spirulina for allergies may soft-boil or spirulina for allergies poach the egg, in any case the yolk should remain soft.

You may use virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Avoid tinned fish with any kind of sauce, sausages or other manufactured meat. Besides one or two meals, have apples or possibly pears and frequent drinks with diluted lime or lemon juice. Whenever you feel hungry, mix a teaspoon of spirulina or chlorella powder, spirulina for allergies tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, spirulina for allergies, and a pinch of lecithin with water warm or cold or with diluted lime or lemon juice as an appetite suppressant and energiser.

Finally, several times a day spirulina for allergies or between meals mix a teaspoon of psyllium hulls in a large glass of water and drink immediately. This is to help clean out the intestinal tract and ensure two to three easy bowel movements each day, spirulina for allergies. If your blood sugar level remains spirulina for allergies or less normal, or after several weeks on this basic diet you may use allergy testing as described below to see how you react to additional foods as suggested for type 2 diabetics.

Continue to use only non-reacting or safe foods. It is highly recommended to have a one to two-week cleansing period on tart apples, diluted lemon juice, Epsom salt-garlic flush and acidophilus culture as described for type 1 diabetes. During this time it is advisable to leave off all blood sugar lowering drugs to avoid an insulin shock. If your blood sugar level is not normal after the first week, continue for a second week, and possibly even for a third week. When your blood sugar has normalised, or if you cannot immediately do this cleanse, use the following diet.

Use lecithin with all meals, and frequently spirulina or chlorella powder. After several weeks you may also add lean meat, spirulina for allergies. Also, several times a day before or between meals mix a teaspoon of psyllium hulls in a large glass of water and drink immediately. If the blood sugar level becomes again too high after introducing the foods of the basic diet, or when introducing additional foods, spirulina for allergies, test the blood sugar level spirulina for allergies and after each new meal composition.

If the rise in the sugar level remains within normal limits, the same ingredients do not normally need to be tested again. However, if there is an unusual rise, test the ingredients of that meal individually, especially any new additions.

Furthermore, try to take your pulse before each test meal and about 30 and 60 minutes after the meal. If the pulse rises much higher than after eating spirulina for allergies only or after a safe meal, an allergy must be suspected even if the blood sugar level does not show an unusual rise.

Usually that means that the pulse rises by more than 10 per cent. If either blood sugar or pulse shows an unusual rise, avoid the food to which this may be attributed for several weeks before testing it again. However, a certain food may not cause a problem if used in small amounts or only once a week, while frequent exposure to larger quantities or combined with other stresses may upset the sugar level, spirulina for allergies.


Spirulina for allergies