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Other countries may have a different list allergy uv lighting air duct home major allergens depending on the cultural diet. In addition to these 8 food groups we also translations for sesame, nsaids allergies, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Many other foods are available nsaids allergies our special order program.

I have just returned from trip to Vietnam and would like to express my upmost gratitude. When showing your food allergy cards at restaurants, the waitstaff food allergies corn a lot of time studying the cards. Often they would consult the chef but surprised me was the limited food I could eat. I realized how much fish and shellfish are in dishes that you would least expect - especially in Asian cuisine, nsaids allergies.

If I did not have the food allergy cards with me, I am not sure what would have honestly happened so I am really thankful. I was able to get very good meals customized to my food requirements.

Thanks to you, nsaids allergies, I did not have a single food related reaction during my nsaids allergies trip, nsaids allergies. I really appreciate your extra efforts with the translation and timing. Just wanted to let you know your food allergy translation cards were great for travelling in Hong Kong and Thailand. With a severe MSG food allergy plus other food allergies I wondered about the wisdom of travelling to Asia, nsaids allergies, but I had two weeks away and not one food problem, nsaids allergies.

The great benefit was being able to tell the waiter to show the chef the food allergy card. Often the waiter would say, "Can do - without" But I would insist nsaids allergies show the chef the card, then the nsaids allergies would come back with a different story. I have been using your food allergy cards for at least 8 years and am a huge fan.

Thank you so much for allowing me to follow my husband on expat nsaids allergies to Germany and now China and still be able to eat out and travel extensively. I have bought new cards because I have developed new food allergies but also have purchased them for my daughters and recommended them to MANY expats in both countries - including my nephew who is here in China as well with an allergic son.

These food allergy cards give me a great deal of confidence when eating out and the Chinese here in Shanghai have been very attentive to my dietary concerns. After reading my food allergy cards the waitstaff always went out of their way to make sure that all of my food was cooked and served without any contact with any of the foods that I am allergic nsaids allergies. We were still, of course, cautious when eating--we stayed away from food stalls and buffets, nsaids allergies, and we were always insistent that the waiter show the food allergy card to the nsaids allergies. The cards proved to be one of the best purchases I have ever made.

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Nsaids allergies